We are a design driven engineering company collaborating in architecture and technology.







Our goal is to bring you results

To be your collaborator.  To synthesize form and structure in the most optimized way.  That means finding the best solutions for your projects by balancing beauty, budget and schedule



Hatfield Group has experience engineering some of the world’s most complex structures in the US and abroad. We offer a full spectrum of engineering and design services, from concept through construction, on a wide range of project types, including: 

  • Commercial / Residential - Office, multi-family residential, hospitality, retail

  • Sports/ Public Assembly  - Stadium, arenas, convention centers, aviation

  • Cultural / Institutional - museums, higher education, art installations

  • Tekla and BIM consulting - Mill order models, Fabrication models, process improvements

  • Peer Reviews - structural reviews, facades reviews

Our experience includes collaboration with many of the world’s most renowned architects on many of the world’s most challenging structures. 




From early concept through construction, we engineer structures ranging from sculptures to stadiums. We use sophisticated computational tools to deliver advanced structural design solutions.

We test options. We optimize results. 


We have extensive experience in steel structures, including long-spans, connection design and fabrication modeling.  In addition, we have expertise in concrete design, including towers and complex structures.  We specialize in the use of technology to optimize design and processes, including it in our approach from design through construction, to give you better solutions. 


Our facades team can meet your needs at any level. Services range from concept design, design development, construction documents, bidding, observation of manufacturing and field visits.  We oversee facade testing, as mockups or in-situ.  We can help you choose the best-fit solution for your project.


We offer peer reviews for structural integrity, constructability and for the identification of potential cost savings.  Clients for these services include authorities having jurisdiction, owners and architects. We are well positioned to review designs for code compliance as well as for potential cost and schedule savings.

Selected Current Work

 Chengdu Museum of Natural History - Pelli Clark Pelli

Image courtesy of Pelli Clark Pelli and Steelblue.

Pinnacle Bank Arena

Metallica Rigging

510 Driggs - Woods Bagot

Multi-family residential building in Brooklyn, NY. Image courtesy of Woods Bagot.

Special Features

Project Impossible.png


Super Structures

SEASON 1 • EPISODE 1 • 42 min • TV-PG • Premiered 05/24/2017

Throughout history, mankind has built amazing structures, engineered to overcome unique challenges. Now, a new class of super structures are taking on the impossible: the largest moveable building in history, a super-tall skyscraper built to withstand killer earthquakes, a next-generation sports stadium inspired by an ancient Roman temple, and a bridge being raised while it stays open to traffic. This is Project Impossible: Super Structures.




SEASON 1 • EPISODE 1 • 42 min • TV-PG • Premiered 01/04/2018

Mercedes-Benz Stadium is the world's most advanced stadium and features the most complex retractable roof ever built. As the team races to finish the $1.5 billion stadium for the NFL season, it faces deadly winds and unique engineering challenges. 

Selected Past Experience


*Projects shown above were managed under previous employer.